New Yellow Ostrich!


According to Alex Schaaf, Yellow Ostrich’s sophomore album, Strange Land, is a big step up in the band’s sound:

“The Mistress was a guy in a bedroom,” says Schaaf. ”Strange Land is a band. In a slightly bigger room.”

While the room situation slowly gets better, the group’s music has done nothing but solidly improve on their sophomore release. Check out “Marathon Runner” above for the instrumentally beefed-up version of Yellow Ostrich’s previous looped-guitar sound, as usual with vocal harmonies and odd lyrics galore.


Getting Some Buzz: Gashcat


I’ve been chilling in Florida for a few days, so I’m just getting caught up on some SXSW media coverage. Looking through bands, Gashcat stuck out to me. They sound quite a bit like Neutral Milk Hotel (they even have a singing saw), but their music is pretty fun and goes beyond being a simple immitation. Here’s one of the better tracks off of last year’s Reunion!

About to Blow Up: Purity Ring


Last night, I went to a Neon Indian concert, which was great. But, the real breakout sensation of the show was the opener, Purity Ring. They put on a really impressive show, the crowd went wild, etc. It’s a little hard to imagine a track this electronic being interesting live, but the band had a weird light-bulb drum machine and a hypnotic charisma that sold their performance much more than Neon Indian. They don’t have an album out yet, but check out this track: