Record Label Spotlight: ZZK Records

The Argentinian ZZK (pronounced zizek) Records is comprised of a collective of artists that are producing a new sound called “Electro Cumbia” and include names such as Chancha Via Circuito and Fauna. The resulting genre is a strange, but appealing intersection of old and new sounds. Equally striking is ZZK’s aesthetic, which combines neon colors with traditional patterns. Here is Mati Zundel’s “Señor Montecostes” (NSFV) off his debut album Amazonico Gravitante:


Quiero Club – Dias Perfectos

Quiero Club is a experimental indie pop band from Monterrey, Mexico. In my constant search for rock/pop music in Spanish (very little of which I like), I came across their new track Dias Perfectos, which is free to download from SoundCloud. Definitely worth a listen: