Another Pretty Cool Song

I don’t know if you have heard of Suicide, but you should check them out. A pretty influential band I was introduced to recently. This is a song called Keep Your Dreams, found in their aptly (and grimly!) named album, Suicide. Enjoy!


Around Town: Gordon Voidwell

For the most part, Gordon Voidwell makes super funky electro music, thick with synthesizers, versatile singing, and creative lyrics.  The guy has a great sense for rhythm and melody; which pretty much makes him a great musician considering those are basically the most important parts of music… after cultivating a totally rad image of course. Which he seems to be able to do too. Plus, he’s playing at Mass Moca tomorrow night!

Point is, check this guy out. I said “electro” as a genre for him, but his stuff fits into a lot of different categories, and has a little bit for everyone. Check out “Id Ego Superego” below, and if you like it or any of the other songs on his YouTube channel, go here to download his recent mixtape MalcolmXXXMcLaren.