Getting Some Buzz: Gashcat


I’ve been chilling in Florida for a few days, so I’m just getting caught up on some SXSW media coverage. Looking through bands, Gashcat stuck out to me. They sound quite a bit like Neutral Milk Hotel (they even have a singing saw), but their music is pretty fun and goes beyond being a simple immitation. Here’s one of the better tracks off of last year’s Reunion!


New Music: I Come to Shanghai


I Come to Shanghai is a newish band that is based in Athens, GA. They just released the second half of their synth-heavy second album online. I think it holds together really well as an album, so if you like the track, you should check out the whole thing at

About to Blow Up: Purity Ring


Last night, I went to a Neon Indian concert, which was great. But, the real breakout sensation of the show was the opener, Purity Ring. They put on a really impressive show, the crowd went wild, etc. It’s a little hard to imagine a track this electronic being interesting live, but the band had a weird light-bulb drum machine and a hypnotic charisma that sold their performance much more than Neon Indian. They don’t have an album out yet, but check out this track:

Old Music: Herzog

Herzog is a band from Cleveland. I was going through my back log of NPR podcasts today, and they played this song, entitled “Silence.” There’s a sweet opening monologue about football or something, but the juicy meat of the song is 2 minutes of the singer repeating the same line while cymbals crash and a fuzzy guitar jams. I’ve been listening to it nonstop! Make sure to listen to it with the video at max quality.