New Yellow Ostrich!


According to Alex Schaaf, Yellow Ostrich’s sophomore album, Strange Land, is a big step up in the band’s sound:

“The Mistress was a guy in a bedroom,” says Schaaf. ”Strange Land is a band. In a slightly bigger room.”

While the room situation slowly gets better, the group’s music has done nothing but solidly improve on their sophomore release. Check out “Marathon Runner” above for the instrumentally beefed-up version of Yellow Ostrich’s previous looped-guitar sound, as usual with vocal harmonies and odd lyrics galore.


Quiero Club – Dias Perfectos

Quiero Club is a experimental indie pop band from Monterrey, Mexico. In my constant search for rock/pop music in Spanish (very little of which I like), I came across their new track Dias Perfectos, which is free to download from SoundCloud. Definitely worth a listen:

RIMAR – Forever

Rimar is a Brooklyn based artist who uses heavy retro samples to create a funky sound of the same genre as Star Slinger or Wise Blood. His newest album, released a week ago, is free to download off of his bandcamp. My current favorite is “Forever” from his 2011 album Higher Ground. The catchy beat, combined with the short minute and a half duration makes it hard to play this song only one time. Check it out below (track 6):

“I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl” – Wavves

My whole suite hated me for blasting Wavves’ Post Acid regularly last year in my room…

And despite the fear of further social rejection in my entry this year, I couldn’t help but love their newest track “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl” when it came out recently:

Apparently they wrote it for some MTV show, which didn’t look that good… I know the signing is a bit nasal, and the distortion is thick… but that’s half the fun, right? If you didn’t know them already, these guys know where their niche is (surf/noise rock?), write great songs, and make me want to move to Southern California even more than I already kind of want to (see below). Looking forward to the upcoming EP!