Local Concert: Good Old War

Last night I saw Good Old War in Northampton. They’re a trio from Philadelphia who play mostly acoustic rock. It was a really energetic show, and they have some killer harmonies. They even pulled out a cover of Harry Belafonte. They really have the potential to garner some attention, and if the loud, enthusiastic singing from the crowd is any indication, they already have done so. Check out Coney Island, my personal favorite, below.


New Music: Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius recently released a heartbreaking album under the not-so-heartbreaking title “Put Your Back N 2 It”. It’s all sparse piano and vocals, and feels overwhelmingly sad and comforting at the same time. Give the below track a listen

Collaborations on Collaborations on Collaborations

James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem, may LCD rest in peace), Gorillaz, and Andre 3000 of Outkast teamed up to release a single for Converse. The link below to the Converse website offers a free download and stream of the radio edit, culled from a 12+ minute organic jam. It’s pretty fantastic, and Andre 3000 is especially terrific:


Artist to Watch: First Aid Kit

At 9 pm Sunday night I was tuned into the Waist Fantasy Hour – the hottest 2 hours of inspirational workout music perfect for slimming down that tummy – when DJ Waist Fantasy played a hot new jam that I had not heard before. Turns out it was the closing track from new indie darlings First Aid Kit. Complete with handclaps, horns, and a Conor Oberst cameo, King of the World is bound to send these young Swedish sisters to the tip of every hip cat’s tongue, or at least to the first search result on Google (replacing, you know, actual first aid kits). Check the song out below, and the rest of their latest release if you dig it.

Ayer, Ay Ayer

French electronic duo Air recently released a new album/soundtrack, and while I haven’t had time to check it out yet, it has rekindled my love for their back catalogue. If you haven’t heard Moon Safari or Talkie Walkie, or haven’t listened to them in a while, you really should check them out. Here’s Ce Matin La off of Moon Safari. Tip: It’s possibly the best wake-up song if you have an iHome.