New Album from Curumin – “Arrocha”

Curumin is a Brazilian artist who I’ve been following since his first album, “Achados E Perdidos.”  Brought up in the samba/bossa nova tradition, he adds into the mix hip-hop, funk, and electronic music to make for a really unique sound. His new album, “Arrocha,” takes all that to new heights, jumping around from hip-hop instrumentals (“Blimblim”) to bass-heavy dub (“Treme Terra”) to upbeat reggae (“Vestido de prata”) and back to some of his traditional samba/funk-rock sound (“Passarinho”). Stream it from Soundcloud below!



Aphex Twin has Too Much Free Time

Aphex Twin recently conducted a “Penderecki-inspired composition” in Poland… via remote control. It is terrible (the piece, not necessarily the performance). It’s also hard to see what the technology adds to the music, other than allowing Richard James to indulge in his love of anonymity. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a converted bank for too long.