hello world!

Hi there!

Sooo my name is Anna and I co-host Dim Sum Hour with Linda every Saturday (well, there’s going to be a new schedule soon so not sure about when exactly anymore). Our show is based kind of off of this song (which is Dim Sum Girl by Notorious MSG):

But actually. All bad puns and tributes aside.

It’s been a trend to post our favorite songs of the moment and I guess I’ll post a few too, although I will admit my music taste is severely limited compared to many others at WCFM. There are some oldies but they’re goodies so I’m okay with that, as long as you are.

ANNA’S TOP 5 SONGS AT THE MOMENT (in no particular order):

1. Franz Ferdinand–Darts of Pleasure
Ich heiße super fantastisch! Ich trinke Schampus mit Lachsfisch! Ich heiße super fantastisch!

2. Discovery–Osaka Loop Line
Discovery is the side project of Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend and Wes Miles from Ra Ra Riot. I sincerely doubt that this duo will release any more music in the near future, but this song is a gem.

3. 2pm–Again&Again
This list would NOT be complete without a kpop song, apologies. I love this song. It’s currently my ringtone (yeah, embarrassing). The new 2pm music just isn’t the same without Jay Park; this song will always be the pinnacle of their greatness for me.

4. Ingrid Michaelson–Be OK
There’s something about this song that makes me happy. Trust me, I know that female singer/songwriters are EVERYWHERE. Despite that, I like her a lot and the song is simply so charming.

5. Ratatat–Seventeen Years
OMG. I can’t tell you how many times I had this song on repeat when I first heard of it. I listened to it day in and day out and I still LOVE it.

But that’s it for me! I’ll get Linda to post her favorite songs soon too 🙂 We’ll catch you soon!