Around Town: Gordon Voidwell

For the most part, Gordon Voidwell makes super funky electro music, thick with synthesizers, versatile singing, and creative lyrics.  The guy has a great sense for rhythm and melody; which pretty much makes him a great musician considering those are basically the most important parts of music… after cultivating a totally rad image of course. Which he seems to be able to do too. Plus, he’s playing at Mass Moca tomorrow night!

Point is, check this guy out. I said “electro” as a genre for him, but his stuff fits into a lot of different categories, and has a little bit for everyone. Check out “Id Ego Superego” below, and if you like it or any of the other songs on his YouTube channel, go here to download his recent mixtape MalcolmXXXMcLaren.


Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation

Tiger & Woods are a mysterious electronic music production duo consisting of Larry Tiger and David Woods. (Oh wait, those names seem suspiciously fake.) They specialize in the slo-mo disco re-edit, as evidenced by their string of excellent 12″ releases on their own Editainment label.


Listen to their most epic of edits, Gin Nation. This re-edit of Music & Lights by Imagination (GET IT, GIN NATION?) is a slow grower that climaxes into blissful ecstasy.

Be my Ladybug?

Everybody loves some smooth 70’s disco, and this song really takes the cake. Bumblebee Unlimited, a group whose memory the sands of time have unfortunately swept away, put this out in 1978: a time when, clearly, the longer the song, the better. I noticed this was sampled, very appropriately, in Breakbot’s Valentine Mixtape, to tremendous effect. Make sure to check it out as well.

Todd Terje – Ragysh

Todd Terje is a DJ and producer from Oslo, Norway. He also has excellent facial hair and is the undisputed king of Nordic Disko.

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Here is his massive summer hit, Ragysh. Listen and understand why it’s one of Pitchfork’s top 100 tracks of 2011.