Old Music – Mogwai

Inspired by whay3s’ post below of tunes by the excellent Perfume Genius, I decided to dig through my own back catalogue of depressing songs (i.e. most of my catalogue) and throw down an old classic. This is a rarer, BBC Sessions edition of Mogwai’s “Hunted by a Freak”, off of their 2003 album Happy Songs for Happy People. The album is more subdued and definitely shows more electronic influence than previous albums, especially compared to their debut, Young Team. Maybe because of this, this song gets under one’s skin.


“Preppies Can’t Count!” Williams A Capella in 1979

In honor of mountain day, when A Capella is the most listened to music on campus, here’s the Octet performing at Yankee Stadium in 1979. It’s a cool look at Williams past, but mostly just funny for the commentators.

On a side note, WCFM recently received a short 3 song EP by the Garcia 3 (inspired by the Jackson 5) whose rendition of the same song is a true gem. They have a Facebook page too, if you are an instant fan.

Listen to This Right Now: Tortoise – Seneca

Tortoise - Standards

Tortoise - Standards

Once in a while, I like to take a break from raging and listen to some ‘chilled-out grooves’. Here is a song by a group called Tortoise – they’re out of Chicago, and hate being referred to as post-rockers. Their album ‘Millions Now Living Will Never Die’ is a classic of post-rock, with a heavy jazz influence (and a heavy ‘this is the best music ever’ influence). Hilariously, this song is not off of ‘MNLWND’, but off of their next album, ‘Standards’. Listen to this song anytime. Also, check out any live versions you might find.

Hard in the paint,