RIMAR – Forever

Rimar is a Brooklyn based artist who uses heavy retro samples to create a funky sound of the same genre as Star Slinger or Wise Blood. His newest album, released a week ago, is free to download off of his bandcamp. My current favorite is “Forever” from his 2011 album Higher Ground. The catchy beat, combined with the short minute and a half duration makes it hard to play this song only one time. Check it out below (track 6):

While you were getting your Williams degree

There are artists out there making incredible stuff at our age. And I’m not referring to Disney Channel stars. Nicolas Jaar is a 21 year old producer with his own record label out of Brooklyn. I started listening to him shortly after the release of his album Space Is Only Noise in February of this year and fell in love with his blend of electronic music that samples world music heavily. If you haven’t had a chance to hear him yet, check out “Mi Mujer”: