DJs: Posting Info

Please remember that this website is visible to everyone. So although FCC regulations do not apply, we still want to represent WCFM in the best light possible.

Make sure to tag your post – tags are silly and can be anything you want
Assign your post to a category – categories help organize the website and should be informative, odds are most posts will simply be under the category “Music”

Embedding YouTube videos:
Click “Share” under the YouTube video and then “Embed” for an easily customizable embed code.

Ask yourself if the video is worth the space it takes up. If it’s not that special and you want to focus on the song, add the following code to the end of the youtube link in your code: &w=560&h=25
The numbers after w and h determine the height and width of the YouTube player.
Thus the code [youtube] ends up looking like this:

Also keep in mind that although YouTube has a wide selection of songs, you can find customizable embed codes on sites like SoundCloud. I find these tend to load faster.

If you want to get really creative with your post, you can make a playlist on 8Tracks and easily embed the WordPress code into your post using the Embed button. It ends up looking like:

For further questions contact Isabel Vazquez, unix ifv1