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Gui Boratto – Telecaster

While Brazil is mostly known for its beaches, rainforests, and World Cup trophies, it is also home to a growing electronic music scene. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Gui Boratto is arguably the most successful and creative producer the country has to offer.


Signed to the Cologne-based Kompakt label, he has released some pure analogue minimal bang0rz, including “Beautiful Life” in 2007 and “No Turning Back” in 2009. Here is his moody, techno masterpiece “Telecaster”. Enjoy!


Light Year – Moderation

Light Year is an Aussie electronic producer based out of Sydney. Sweet as, mate. He rose to fame with his monstrous track “Sex Education” (at least one other WCFM DJ should recognize it…) which was played out by such greats as Boys Noize and 2ManyDJs. Here is his new track “Moderation” which combines the retro vibes of acid house and deep techno with modern production techniques. The video is a bit of all right and if you listen, good on ya.

Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation

Tiger & Woods are a mysterious electronic music production duo consisting of Larry Tiger and David Woods. (Oh wait, those names seem suspiciously fake.) They specialize in the slo-mo disco re-edit, as evidenced by their string of excellent 12″ releases on their own Editainment label.


Listen to their most epic of edits, Gin Nation. This re-edit of Music & Lights by Imagination (GET IT, GIN NATION?) is a slow grower that climaxes into blissful ecstasy.

Julio Bashmore – Well Wishers

An electronic producer hailing from Bristol, Julio Bashmore first started producing grime and UK garage before refining his craft into beautiful, bass-heavy, Chicago house.
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Here is a new track called Well Wishers from this ginger DJ. First heard on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix late in 2011, it will be sure to capture dancefloors like his 2010 bang0r, Battle for Middle You.

Todd Terje – Ragysh

Todd Terje is a DJ and producer from Oslo, Norway. He also has excellent facial hair and is the undisputed king of Nordic Disko.

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Here is his massive summer hit, Ragysh. Listen and understand why it’s one of Pitchfork’s top 100 tracks of 2011.