I am displeased to announce that my inaugural post centers around the saddest news I have heard since I found out there would be no new Harry Potter books. Meebo, both your and my favorite way to communicate with (read: harass) on-air dj’s, is shutting down on July 11th. This news has sunk me into a deep existential crisis, a darkness, if you will, from which there can be no escape.

To truly express my sadness I bring you the Bingo Players Cry (Just a little) the Tobtok remix

And to lift me from this seemingly bottomless abyss, one of many new Hot Chip songs (tickets still available for the Prospect Park concert on July 18th)

How I feel about this whole Meebo ordeal

Well, you four and half people who may read this, I hope you enjoy yourselves tomorrow and maybe you’ll be listening to these toonzZ. Then again, maybe not, and in that case go flux yaself.

your companion in meebo grieving,